How We Teach

Student-Centred Teaching

Here at Babylon we try to immerse you in British culture, whilst you study the language. You will sit a level test on Day 1 of your and course and will then join a group of students of a similar English level.  You will follow a carefully planned course which will take into account your personal needs and goals.

Speaking and pronunciation are very much key to our teaching approach and materials are chosen to train your ear to various English dialects and accents. All of the skills (Reading, Writing, Listening, Grammar and Vocabulary) are covered in class and monthly progress tests are held for all General English classes. You will also have a private tutorial with your teacher to discuss your progress.  As a student you have full access to our blended e-learning suite, where you can top up your self-learning hours. 

Class sizes for open groups are limited to a maximum of 15 students.

Lessons are:

  • - Taken by suitably qualified native level English speakers,

  • - Communicative

  • - Learner centred

  • - Designed to incorporate local events and culture issues

  • - Supported by a social programme


Babylon's Mission Statement

BSE's goal is to be a language school with a reputation for excellent language teaching, for both adults and young learners.

  • 1) BSE will achieve this goal by constantly working to deliver excellent language instruction at a fair price to all students regardless of age, or ability. 

  • 2) BSE will agree upon individual goals with all our students, and place every student at the centre of the learning process. This will inform both the planning and delivery of tuition.

  • 3) BSE will constantly seek to improve the quality of our instruction by placing teacher development at the centre of the school's operations and by using innovative methods of teaching and the latest technologies in education. Our teachers will be trained in methods of instruction applicable to various groups (i.e. adults, young learners, reluctant learners, students illiterate in primary language, gifted/talent students etc.)

  • 4)BSE will provide a welcoming, friendly, and nurturing environment for our students and teachers and treat them all with fairness, integrity and respect, as befits a multinational learning environment. Emotional and physical safety will be of utmost concern to our school, as will awareness and respect for diverse populations.