Recruitment Policy

Teacher & School Staff Recruitment Policy



  • The Babylon School of Languages (BSL) accords the highest priority to the quality of its teaching.  Attracting and retaining quality teachers is key to building the BSL reputation and attracting new business; teachers’ remuneration will reflect this desire to attract quality.
  • BSL is looking for teachers who are passionate about their subject, professional in their approach, and highly personable.  These qualities will enable them to engage with their students and ensure that they get the best out of them.   
  • Students attending open courses run at the main BSL premises must be at least 18 years old; under 18s are, as a general rule, only accepted on closed group courses although students aged 17 may be accepted on adult classes in certain circumstances.  The BSL Summer School for young learners (10 – 17 years) will operate in separate facilities.
  • Although mainly concerned with the recruitment of teachers, this policy and the procedures involved will also apply to recruitment of School welfare staff and any other staff who are likely to have regular contact with students. .


  1. The BSL Academic Director is responsible for recruitment of EFL teachers and ensuring the quality of BSL teaching.
  2. BSL only accepts teachers with, as a minimum, an internationally recognised EFL qualification, which incorporates a minimum of 6 hours of supervised teaching practice (eg Trinity Certificate TESOL or Cambridge CELTA).  Alternative qualifications in line with British Council accreditation criteria may also be considered.
  3. In addition to satisfying the basic qualifications criteria (Para 2), BSL ideally seeks teachers who have experience of working with students across a range of abilities and ages.     
  4. We will, by preference, employ teachers who have a first degree.  Teachers who do not have a first degree will only be engaged if they can satisfy the Academic Director on interview that their experience and personal qualities allow this general rule to be waived.  The rationale for any such appointment will be recorded for audit purposes in line with Accreditation UK requirements.
  5. All teachers are to undergo an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service check and any appointment will be conditional on there being no issues raised by this check.  In addition appointments are to be subject to receipt of two satisfactory references from previous employers, at least one of which should be written. 
  6. All new UK teaching appointments will be probationary for 3 months (6 months for teachers recruited to staff our school in Oman) with confirmation of employment subject to satisfactory assessment by the Director of Studies in timetabled classroom observations.
  7. Inexperienced teachers (with less than 2 years teaching experience) will only be used to teach General English classes.    Only experienced staff will be used to teach IELTS and Cambridge ESOL courses; this will ideally include experience of the Cambridge suite of exam preparation courses.

Recruitment Procedure:

  1. The procedure for recruitment of teachers will be as follows:
  2. Advertise for post inviting applicants to submit a CV and a cover letter.  Advertisements will generally be placed on-line and will include: overview of BSL; details of the post; details of the key skills and attributes sought; remuneration offered; and the application deadline. 

(NB BSL may opt to dispense with formally advertising the post if the Academic Director and/or existing senior teachers have personal knowledge of sufficient suitable candidates keen to join Babylon.  Such persons will, however, still go through the subsequent stages of this recruitment procedure.)

  1. Initial sift (if required) by Academic Director/Director of Studies followed by invitation to down-selected individuals to attend an interview (in person or on Skype) and to bring with them original copies of their qualification certificates.  Interviewees will also be invited to supply contact details for at least 2 referees and these references will be taken up, if possible before the interviews.  
  2. Invited applicants attend for interview in person or on Skype; travel costs will not normally be paid.  Structured interviews will be conducted by a panel comprising the Academic Director (or Director of Studies) and at least one other senior teacher or manager; the managing director may elect to sit in on interviews for more senior school staff.  Applicants will be required to provide a satisfactory explanation of any gaps in CVs. Interview results will be recorded.  Applicants will be ranked in order of suitability. 
  3. Selected individual(s) will be offered contracts of employment with an agreed start date.  Offers of employment will be conditional on receipt of satisfactory references (if these have not already been received) and on satisfactory completion of an enhanced DBS check.  A reserve list will be drawn on as necessary.