Become a Host

Babylon School of English always welcomes applications from families who feel they would like to host students in their home. This provides the opportunity of meeting people from around the globe and learning about other cultures while providing British hospitality and helping students to improve their English in a relaxed environment. In many cases lasting friendships are formed. Hosting may range from a few weeks to 6 months. (Hosting minors for longer than 28 days will require us to run a check through the local fostering team and register your guests).

We prefer our host families to live within 30 mins walking distance from our school in New street, Salisbury.

You may prefer to host adults (over 18) or teens (14-17) or juniors (12-14). We prefer junior hosts to have children of a similar age. Please note, due to government guidelines on child safeguarding  all adults in a host family must be in possession  of a recent DBS check. We can help you to apply for this.

We require host families to agree to all of the following guidelines.

To ensure a comfortable living environment throughout their stay the British Council requires that the below be made available to the student in any Homestay and Private Home accommodation:

  • a proper state of cleanliness and repair
  • adequate heating and lighting
  • a sufficiently spacious bedroom with natural light, equipped with an adequately sized bed and adequate hanging and drawer space for clothes
  • appropriate privacy from members of the opposite sex
  • a table for private study (where appropriate)
  • sufficient washing facilities and access to a bathroom, with baths or showers available daily
  • a change of towels and bed linen each week and an adequate supply of duvets or blankets
  • a laundry service (especially in the case of under-16s) or clearly explained laundry arrangements.

The British Council and English UK also produce a Code of Practice for Host Families providing Homestay to international students:

  • To encourage the student to speak English as much as possible in your home
  • To encourage the student to feel at home and to treat him/her as a member of the family rather than a paying guest
  • Not to host another student of the same native language at the same time unless by special arrangement with the students and the schools/centres
  • To provide a clean and comfortable student room, meeting the requirements laid down by the British Council
  • To provide a home environment in which it is possible for the student to carry on his/her English Studies properly
  • To provide the student with a balanced and appropriate diet (if applicable)
  • To show due concern for the welfare, safety and security of the student during his/her stay
  • To give the student reasonable and regular access to bathroom and laundry facilities
  • To maintain a close liaison with the Homestay accommodation agent and so be in a position to help resolve any problems that the student may encounter during his/her stay
  • To respect the student’s different cultural background and to be sensitive to the needs of the student


Please follow the links below and complete the application form online. Somebody from our accommodation & welfare team will be in touch with you to take the application further. We will then arrange a home visit and run through the paperwork, payments and the process of hosting students. You will then be asked to sign an agreement stating the terms and conditions of hosting.

You will then be one of the huge family of local residents who host students for Babylon School. You will be invited to several social and  information events throughout the year. Junior hosts will have the option of their children attending some of our activities and excursions along with their new international friends.

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