Cambridge Exam Centre

Babylon is proud to be a Cambridge exam centre. Our computer based test centre allows us to take full advantage of more frequently available exam dates than the traditional paper based exams. The exams are no different to the paper based exams in terms of recognition or levels of difficulty.

You will sit the written parts of your exam on a computer and you will do the speaking part of your exam with two official Cambridge oral examiners. You will normally receive your results within two weeks and your certificate will normally be issued 10 days after the results. To see more benefits watch this video about "Cambridge Computer Based Testing".

We currently run the following exams: KET & KET for schools, PET & PET for schools, FCE & FCE for schools, CAE, CPE, BEC and TKT.


How do I book an exam?

It's as easy as 1-2-3!

1) Decide on the exam you wish to take.

2) Check our exam dates HERE. Write down the date you wish to take the exam on. Make sure that the date you choose is a Computer-based (CB) exam and not paper based. Also check that it if you are an adult, it is not a "for schools" exam.

3) Book up and pay for the exam HERE.

The speaking exam

Is it included in the price of the exam?

Yes of course, though this part of the exam will not be on the computer. You will be tested with one or two other students by 2 examiners from Cambridge Examinations.

Will it be on the same day as the written part of the exam?

Where possible, we always try to book the oral exam on the same day as the written part of the exam. So if you do the written part in the morning, you will normally do the oral part in the afternoon and visa-versa. This is not always possible and sometimes the oral exam will happen the day before or after the other exam modules.

What will happen in the speaking part of the exam?

Don't be worried its a very nice exam that doesn't take long at all. Watch the following real oral exam for First Certificate.

What makes a good speaking Exam?

Let's ask the examiners themselves!


Exams for schools

What's the difference between KET, PET & FCE and KET for schools, Pet for schools and FCE for schools?

Cambridge English: Key (KET) for SchoolsCambridge English: Preliminary (PET) for Schools and Cambridge English: First (FCE) for Schools follow exactly the same format as the standard versions of those exams. The level of the exams is the same and candidates will be tested in all the same skills. The content of the exams will be a bit different, however, as the Schools versions are specifically tailored to suit the interests and experience of school-age candidates. 


When will I receive my exam results and grade?

You will receive your grades around 2 weeks from the date of the exam and the certificate will be issued around ten days after that.

Can I take the same exam again if I don't get the level I wanted?

Yes, you can take the exam as many times as you like if you book and repay the required fee each time.

Exam preparation

Can I take a preparation course with Babylon?

Yes you can. All of our general English courses up to B1 prepare students with enough English to attempt KET & PET and we provide materials for exam practice. For B2-C2 Exams we provide special exam preparation classes on top of our regular General English Classes.

Group exams

I want to bring a group to Babylon. Can my students prepare for and take the exam at the end of their stay?

Of course. Check our exam dates HERE and make sure that your trip ends at least one day after the exam date you prefer. Then discuss with us your requirements and what you think your students need to focus on. We will then design a closed course around the needs of your students, with lots of exam practice. On their final day they will take the written exam and their oral exam.

Speak to us! We don't bite!

I have more questions.

Contact us HERE by email or telephone. We are always happy to speak to you.